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  • You will receive a detailed and personalized report generated by our algorithm (and reviewed by our team), along with university predictions backed by 400k+ data points (including 2020, 2021, 2022) that power
  • You will get universities in each category of (very safe, safe, moderate, ambitious & very ambitious) along with Admit chances (as a percentage).
  • You will also get sample profiles that justify our predictions.
  • The algorithm does not use subjective aspects of your profile such as resume, SOP, LOR, backlogs, extracurricular activities.
  • Note: We don't do GRE waiver evaluations.

We truly believe we have built something that goes beyond what consultants can provide based on their experience of seeing a select number of admits & rejects. We have found our algorithm to produce high-quality results and truly change the way students apply for MS in the US. You can check out the sample report so you understand what you get.

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Once you complete the purchase,

  1. You will receive a link to a Google Form where you will fill in your profile details.
  2. We run our algorithm and do quality checks.
  3. Within 24-48 hours, you will receive your report in the email provided. If you didn't receive it in this time frame, make sure to check your spam folder before contacting us.
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We had over 100 students get their profile evaluation reports through our algorithms. Here is what people have said:

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Sample profiles to show why a university is moderate or ambitious

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Get university prediction & profile evaluation report along with admit chances backed by 400K results.


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Profile Evaluation Report |

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