SOP Collection: MS in Computer Science

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[Newest addition: MS in CS Stanford Admit SOP from Fall 2022]

Stuck in writer's block and don't know how to begin your SOP?

What do successful candidates' SOPs look like?

How should you write an SOP to get admission into top universities?

The SOP collections are here to answer exactly that. has worked to collect quality SOPs from past students who got admitted into top universities. You can check out the profiles of these students below:

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How will this help me?

This will give you an idea and inspiration on:

  • How to structure your SOP to be successful?
  • How to convey your story with a smooth flow of thoughts?
  • What to cover in your SOP to target your dream university?

What will I get?

  • 10+ successful MS in CS SOPs (1000+ words) from top students selected by our team of experts.
  • A mix of Data Science, Machine Learning/AI, Security, and General fields in Computer Science.
  • 1 branch change SOP with Electrical Engineering Undergrad major.

Important Notes:

  • DO NOT COPY directly from these SOPs. Your profile will be rejected for plagiarism. These SOPs should only be used as an example.
  • We have redacted PII from the SOPs to prevent abuse and protect privacy.
  • You will not be able to download the SOPs. This is to make sure they are not shared with anyone else. reserves the Copyright on these SOPs and they should not be shared or distributed without legal permission from our team.
  • You will have 1-year access to MS in CS SOP collection.

Once you complete the purchase, you will receive links to the SOPs shared via Google Drive. We will provide you access within 24 hours (usually a lot sooner). If you would like to pay via UPI, click here.

If you are unsatisfied with the SOPs, let us know with an explanation and we can consider a full refund. For any queries or concerns, please reach out to


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A collection of 10+ MS in CS SOPs


SOP Collection: MS in Computer Science

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